Jobs & Internships

Hartwell Talent and Productions is currently seeking interns to work closely with HTP management on upcoming 2015 contracts. The following positions are un-paid, but are to be considered as trial based jobs for future employment with HTP.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager will be responsible for the management of one project/events social media presence. Duties include managing design, promotion strategy, engagement strategy, measurement and analyzation.
The Social Media Manager will work closely with HTP and event producer.
Please utilize the following link for more info on SMM:

Event Volunteer Coordinator (EVC)

The EVC will be responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers for several HTP projects. Strong communication and social skills are a must. The EVC should be able to maintain a data base of volunteer recruits, communicate information and job duties effortlessly, establish rules and regulations for volunteers along side HTP, develop marketing strategy for recruitment, organize event headquarters and check-in.

Graphic Design Artist

Graphic Design artists will be responsible for creating content for event production. The GD will work closely with the Social Media Manager to ensure new media, content, and appropriate marketing is executed.

Research and Measurement Specialist (RMS)

The RMS will oversee special event analytics. This position will develop strategies to effectively gauge and document measurement of success of an event.